Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009


****** IMPORTANT *******
Stake YCL Meeting
Wednesday @ 11am
Laurine's Home

8194 Long Meadow
West Chester

Tylersville Rd
Peppers Pike
LEFT Long Meadow

Pizza will be provided


Official SKIT Requirements
  1. 3-7 Minutes
  2. Use at least one of these phases
  • Onward Christian Soldiers
  • Be thou an Example of the Believers
  • We are Daughters of a Heavenly Father that Loves Us
  • Man Down
  • My Father dwelt in a TENT
  1. Use ANOTHER creative phrase of your choosing (make sure the audience can guess the additional creative phase)
DIRECTIONS (bring $7 cash)

275 Towards Indiana (Do Not go into Kentucky)
LEFT on 50 West
Pass through Lawrenceburg
Pass through Aurora
Keep GOING and Going and going
RIGHT into the Park
*** Entrance Fee ****
we will be paying during scheduled arrival time the $2 per YW fee
no fee vehicle fee for a 20 minute drop off time.

Approve reimbursement:
- pay $7 cash
- Get Receipt
- turn in Receipt at Stake CHECK In for $7

Follow signs for Group Camp Laughery
(not Youth Tent Site)

Provided and Arranged by each Ward/Branch for ALL their YW (and YCL)

Meeting at 8:30 am at Fairfield/Liberty to caravan

TUESDAY Arrival Time 9am - 10am

SATURDAY Pick-Up 10:30 - 11am

PHONE NUMBERS for use during camp
Joy Striebeck 513.227.9317
Other Cell # 513.886.9801

Versailles Office 812.689.6424 8:30am - 4pm
Versailles Gate 812.689.5076

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Forms and Money DUE

June 16th 8:30 am OCS - Officer Training
Fairfield - Hamilton Building

June 29th YCLs/Officer setup
June 30th 9-10am Others Arrive

July 4th Noon Pick-up Time

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Upcoming Camp Dates
April 30th Forms and Money DUE

May 9th 8:30am OCS - Officer Training
Liberty - West Chester Building

June 16th OCS - Officer Training

June 29th YCLs/Officer setup
June 30th 9-10am Others Arrive

July 4th Noon Pick-up Time

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Latest Camp News:

SATURDAY March 28th

OCS Officer Training
(Onward Christian Soldiers - CAMP 2009 Planning)

+ All YW 16+ (including those who will be 16 by July 4th 2009)
+ Camp Directors and Assistance
+ All Adult Leaders going to camp (especially with Age Group orders)

3:30pm or 15:30 MT

AGE Group planning time will be provided
(be prepared to report on your assignments)

+ short time to change into Sunday Attire


YW CAMP 2008 Reunion
World Wide YW Broadcast

SATURDAY March 28th

+ All YW (including those who will be 12 by July 4th 2009)
+ All Mothers of YW
+ YW Leaders & Camp Directors + Camp Age Group Adult Leaders
+ YW Camp Leaders from Camp 2008

5:50 pm Camp Reunion & 2009 Kick Off (17:50 MT)
8:00 pm Young Women Broadcast

Sunday Dress

** There will be a slide show, awards and refreshments before broadcast **


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's Next?

**** HISTORY of POSTs ***

NEXT Stake Camp Clinic

WHEN: February 14th 9:30AM

WHERE: Fairfield Building

WHO: YCL (yw 16+ yrs old)
+ Camp Directors
+ Any Adults coming to camp

AGENDA Topics:

  • YCL & Adult Leadership assignments (who working with who)
  • Age Group Theme & Decorating
  • Planning the Camp Reunion for March
  • Certification teaching and organization
  • Delegating & Completing assignments
  • 4th year special activity
  • More Games/Activities

State Park Info

Question / Answers
  1. Does it have cabins? YES - enough to sleep 120 people
  2. Does it have running water? YES - and flushing toilets
  3. Does it have showers? YES - it has a shower house complete with showers
  4. Does it have a swimming pool? YES - with a slide
  5. Does it have canoeing? YES - there is a lake for canoeing, & boating
  6. Does it have a Kitchen? YES - with a walk in Fridge & Freezer (I think) + Full Kitchen
  7. Does it have good hiking trails? YES enough for a five mile hike
  8. Does it have fire rings for cooking over a fire? YES (but only one which we shall share)
  9. How far away is this camp? Little over an Hour driving time (depending on traffic)
  10. Does it have electricity in the cabins? YES - cabins are one big room (no bunk beds)
*** If you have other questions please let us know and we will post the answers.

Click on these links for more information

Versailles State Park Info

CAMP Laughery Map

Park Map

Other Park Information

SWIMMING — A 25 meter swimming pool with a 100
foot waterslide is available. A children’s waterplay area
has a wading pool and ‘rainmaker’, a bathhouse with
lockers, showers and a concession area are part of the
complex. Swimming prohibited in Versailles Lake.

GROUP CAMP — Camp Laughery can accommodate
120 persons. This complex includes sleeping
cabins, kitchen with appliances, dining hall, shower
house and recreation hall.

FISHING — In 230 acre Versailles Lake. Bass, bluegill,
catfish, and other small game fish. State fishing
license required, available at the park office.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 High Adventure Leadership

YW High Adventure

and Leadership


CAMP 2009 Planning/Leadership & SNOW TUBING @ Perfect North


January 30 & 31st


YCL (yw 16+ yrs old) + Camp Directors + Any Adults coming to camp


FRIDAY 4pm @ Liberty/West Chester bldg (to carpool to the overnight site)


SATURDAY 5pm (maybe sooner)

YW 2009 Theme

"Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity" (1 Timothy 4:12).

Things to bring

· Pillow

· Sleeping bag

· Scriptures

· Journal & pen/pencil

· Camp Manuals

· Something to take notes with and on

· PJ

· Permission Slip (page 89 in camp manual)

· Personal supplies (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb … other personal items)

· Change of clothes

· Mess Kit, cup, utensils & drip bag

· Warm clothing for Tubing on Saturday

· IDEAS for YW 2009

· Positive Mental Attitudes (PMA)

If you plan to go make sure to let Laurine Thompson know by Sunday 11th