Sunday, June 21, 2009


****** IMPORTANT *******
Stake YCL Meeting
Wednesday @ 11am
Laurine's Home

8194 Long Meadow
West Chester

Tylersville Rd
Peppers Pike
LEFT Long Meadow

Pizza will be provided


Official SKIT Requirements
  1. 3-7 Minutes
  2. Use at least one of these phases
  • Onward Christian Soldiers
  • Be thou an Example of the Believers
  • We are Daughters of a Heavenly Father that Loves Us
  • Man Down
  • My Father dwelt in a TENT
  1. Use ANOTHER creative phrase of your choosing (make sure the audience can guess the additional creative phase)
DIRECTIONS (bring $7 cash)

275 Towards Indiana (Do Not go into Kentucky)
LEFT on 50 West
Pass through Lawrenceburg
Pass through Aurora
Keep GOING and Going and going
RIGHT into the Park
*** Entrance Fee ****
we will be paying during scheduled arrival time the $2 per YW fee
no fee vehicle fee for a 20 minute drop off time.

Approve reimbursement:
- pay $7 cash
- Get Receipt
- turn in Receipt at Stake CHECK In for $7

Follow signs for Group Camp Laughery
(not Youth Tent Site)

Provided and Arranged by each Ward/Branch for ALL their YW (and YCL)

Meeting at 8:30 am at Fairfield/Liberty to caravan

TUESDAY Arrival Time 9am - 10am

SATURDAY Pick-Up 10:30 - 11am

PHONE NUMBERS for use during camp
Joy Striebeck 513.227.9317
Other Cell # 513.886.9801

Versailles Office 812.689.6424 8:30am - 4pm
Versailles Gate 812.689.5076